Ark Veterinary Hospital Team

Henrietta Veterinarian

Christina Seidel

Dr. Christina Seidel opened Ark Veterinary Hospital & Urgent Care in March of 2018. Her long history of working with animals ever since she was young inspired her to follow her dreams to work in this field, wanting to bring joy and love to others the way animals have done for her.

"Animals have given me so much joy and companionship throughout my life that it's so great to be able to care for them and give something back," Dr. Seidel says. "Being a veterinarian is more than just people bringing in their animals for care. They become part of your family and you're able to be there for them from puppy/kittenhood until the end. That bond is priceless."

Dr. Seidel grew up on a farm in rural Iowa. She was involved in every facet of raising animals, from bottle feeding, administering medications, wound management, birthing assistance—she can name it all. In between her work on the farm, she tended to injured wildlife whenever she could. She’s cared for abandoned baby birds, repaired damaged turtle shells, and even befriended a wild turkey. Dr. Seidel was heavily involved in 4-H and took part in her local and State Fair, showing a variety of animals.

Dr. Seidel graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor's in Zoology and Genetics before continuing her education to become a licensed veterinarian. She's a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the New York State Veterinary Medical Society, the Genesse Valley Veterinary Medical Association, the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society, and the American Association of Food Safety & Public Health Veterinarians. She's also a member of the Monroe County Animal Steering Committee and is involved in emergency preparedness for the animals in Monroe County.

At home, Dr. Seidel spends time with her loving husband Michael Seidel, who is a teacher in the Rush-Henrietta School District and a KW Real Estate Broker. Together, they have 5 children in the Rochester area. They also have several pets: Cola, a black lab; Sinker, Sherbert, Smores, and Tabby, all cats; and Hunter, their ferret. In her free time, Dr. Seidel loves camping, swimming, cycling, and family activities.

Henrietta Licensed Veterinary Technician

Emily Smith
Licensed Veterinary Technician

Emily is a Licensed Veterinary Technician who joined our team in 2018. She's been working in the animal related field since 2012 and has been an avid animal lover her entire life. With a wide range of experience in farm animals, small animals, and wildlife, she enjoys every aspect of her career.

Emily graduated in 2016 with a dual degree in Veterinary Technology and Fisheries & Wildlife. She is licensed in wildlife rehabilitation and enjoys providing the best care possible to all creatures, big and small.

Emily is owned by a an American Buldog mix named Rugby (a.k.a: Bob). In her free time, emily enjoys adventuring outdoors, reading, and spending time with her husband and their large extended families.

Henrietta Veterinary Technician

Tammy Swarthout
Veterinary Technician

Tammy is a licensed veterinary technician who has joined our team in 2018. She’s been working in the animal-related field since 2009 and has loved every minute of it! Her favorite parts of the job are providing care in every aspect to all animals and educating clients on improving their care for their furry family member.

She has a degree in Animal Health Technology, has worked as a veterinary technician in California, and has worked with an array of different animals, ranging from hoofstock (goats, llamas, miniature horses) to exotics (bobcats, great horned owls, turkey vultures), and even had the opportunity to intern in Hawaii at the SeaLife Park! Tammy was a veterinary technician there, as well, working with dolphins, sea lions, turtles and penguins.

At home, Tammy spends time with her domestic short-haired Cat, Moon, her Dalmatian, Molly, and her fish, Speedy. In her free time, she enjoys camping, hiking, snowboarding, surfing, kayaking, volunteering with wildlife-related organizations, and spending time with her wonderful 5-year-old daughter.

Henrietta Veterinary Technician

Keri Comstock
Veterinary Technician

Keri started working as a kennel attendant in 2016 as she was going to school to become a Veterinary Technician. She graduated May 2018.

During her internships, she did a rotation at a practice that treats exotic pets. This sparked her interest in the field and she started working for us September 4th.

Keri spends her time at home with her bunnies, her dogs and her ball python. She enjoys swimming, hiking, reading and playing video games.

Henrietta Veterinary Assistant

Abigail Boor
Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary assistant, Abigail, received her VA certification from Animal Behavior College. Abigail helps keep the hospital clean and sanitary, schedules appointments, answers phones, and assists the veterinarian. Of all her responsibilities, greeting the patients and animals is her favorite. Abigail loves being able to work with a diverse range of animals, including the reptiles.

In her free time, Abigail enjoys roller skating, drawing, cooking, and watching Netflix. She has a 7-year old beagle foxhound mix named Buttons who she loves to snuggle and take naps with.

Henrietta Veterinary Receptionist

Laurie Waden

Laurie began working here at Ark Veterinary Hospital in March of 2018. She has been working in the animal related field for over 9 years, and has avid experiencing in working with animals and the people who care for them. At Ark Veterinary Hospital, Laurie helps wherever she can, assisting with surgeries and routine practices. At home, Laurie owns a French Bulldog named Ike, who she rescued and has loved ever since.

When asked about working for Ark Veterinary Hospital Laurie says, "I met Dr. Seidel after I got a rescue dog and started working for her. We remained good friends and I'm honored to be sharing this experience with her and working as one of her veterinary assistants. I hope to continue with this for many years to come."

Henrietta Veterinary Receptionist

Jordan Anderson

As a receptionist of Ark Veterinary Hospital & Urgent Care, Jordan Anderson answers all incoming calls, sets up appointments for our clients, cares for deliveries, and warmly greets and welcomes all clients who walk through our doors. With her excellence in communication and enthusiasm, Jordan's always excited to build new relationships with our clients and their furry friends.

Jordan already has an established connection with Dr. Seidel, her co-workers, and many of our clients, and can’t imagine being more comfortable or confident working alongside Dr. Seidel.

Jordan has three cats: Koda, an orange and white Tabby cat; Binx, a Bombay cat; and Luna, a long-haired Tabby. In her free time, Jordan enjoys being outdoors in any capacity—snowboarding, jet skiing, hiking, camping, traveling, fishing, and dirt bike riding.

Henrietta Veterinary Receptionist

Patty Guglielmo

Patty is a receptionist at Ark Veterinary Hospital & Urgent Care. Some of her job responsibilities include answering phones, greeting clients, and checking out clients at the end of their appointments. Her customer service and organizational skills make her a great asset to our team.

Patty received her BS in accounting from the Rochester Institute of Technology. She is married with three children, and two dogs. In her free time, she loves to cook, bake, and garden. She also enjoys camping and canning tomatoes and pickles from her own garden.

Henrietta Veterinary Receptionist

Sue Mineti

Sue is a receptionist at Ark Veterinary Hospital and Urgent Care. She works up front answering phones and checking patients in and out. She has been working in the animal related field for a few years. Sue really enjoys working with the clients and their pets.

Sue is married with three grown children, two dogs and one cat. She enjoys swimming and walking the dogs in the woods and reading.

Henrietta Veterinary Receptionist

Stephanie Davis

Biography coming soon!

Henrietta Veterinary LVT

Kayleigh Gundrum
Licensed Veterinary Technician

Kayleigh is a licensed veterinary technician who joined our team in 2019. She has been working with animals since 2013. Kayleigh has a passion for caring for pets and educating clients. She has been an animal lover her whole life and enjoys all sorts of animals and has worked with domestic and exotic pets!

Kayleigh received her degree in veterinary technology from medaille college in 2016.

In her free time kayleigh is the proud parent of 4 cats and 3 rabbits. Kayleigh enjoys adventuring outdoors, traveling, and encountering on new experiences.

Henrietta Veterinary Vet Tech

Jennifer Robinson
Veterinary Technician

Jenny began her career as a vet tech in 2006. She graduated from Medaille college in Buffalo, and began working at a general practice where she stayed for 5 years before working as a surgery tech for 7 years. She loves working with animals and she has a house full herself. She lives with 4 cats; Stampee, Grace, Tripp and Puffy, and 2 dogs; Patty and Frankie. In her free time, her favorite thing is to spend time with her family.